VTA Essentials

Any training activity is best done with an eye to outcome. Therefore, if your outcome is to shoot nice neat little holes in the center of a paper target that is well lit, does not move, and is not trying to hurt you… then paper target shooting at a range is great. Learning to fight with a handgun against potentially one or more people trying to do you harm is much different.

VTA’s realistic training will check your skill set against the type of threats you would most likely face in a “real world” environment. Video Judgment Trainers give you real world experience at distinguishing good people vs. bad people and even more importantly how to deal with unknown people.

VTA Essentials Training focuses on the five essential skills you need to effectively deal with criminal, civil, and social risks of lethal force that cannot be learned effectively with live fire. Learning these lessons in a realistic scenario lets you experience and improve these essential skills.

VTA Gun Shot Wound

If you own at least one gun for sport, recreation, or personal defense, the only thing potentially more dangerous than a gunshot wound is the belief “It will never happen to me or someone I love because we are careful”. It can happen and does happen to people like you and me every year in this country. Some are shot by negligent discharge; some by mistake of fact and some are shot with stone cold intention. Once the shooting stops, the quickness and quality of your actions could save or cost a life. Yet, the process of dealing with a Gun Shot Wound (GSW) is left out of almost every firearm training class.

The danger in the belief of “It will never happen to me” is that you might be unmotivated to take proactive steps in acquiring the equipment, training, and tactics that possibly mean the difference between a shooting and a death. If you raised poisonous snakes you would want to know how to treat snakebites. If you have or are around guns for sport, recreation, or most especially defense, please take the steps to train for a possible GSW. Learn how to use your equipment, training and tactics to enable you to allow time to get a GSW to trauma unit or stable until EMS arrives.

VTA Partner Training

“Two People are Safer than One” assumes they know how to work together effectively. This course is designed for couples, work partners, Law Enforcement or any pair that needs to work and protect as one.

VTA Low Light

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), 77% of assaults on law officers occur in low light. And 68% of police gunfights occur in reduced or no light conditions. In one-third of those shootings, reduced light was determined to have a direct result on the outcome of the engagement. Too much of most low light training programs with firearms in is just “shooting with a gun in your hand” training. Learning to use light as a de-escalation and force multiplier tool is vital and a VR learning environment a safer, quicker, and more effective way to learn.

VTA Pepper Spray (OC) Training

There are times, places and circumstances you need self-protection but carrying your firearm is not legal, permitted or convenient.

Or, if you understand the need for a self-defense tool and training, but a firearm does not fit either your temperament or lifestyle.

And/Or perhaps you might face a situation where your self-defense options live between words and firearm. For some situations a Pepper Spray in hand is the correct tool. There are many myths and misinformation about Pepper Spray and there is far more to know than just “spray and pray”.

Like for any self-defense weapon for real world results, there should be training.

At VTA we have developed a state of the art Pepper Spray Training program.

You will learn:

  • How pepper spray works on attackers
  • Three tips to picking your perfect spray
  • How to carry and effectively use
  • Legal and social issues with Spray
  • When pepper spray is not the right choice
  • Clean up procedures

If you carry a firearm it is wise to also carry a less lethal tool for self-defense.

Pepper Spray is an under appreciated bridge between words and bullets. This Training will allow you to pick, use, and actually train with both inert training units and realistic VR training.