Austin Davis' Virtual Tactical Academy (VTA) is defensive handgun training so real that your mind will think you are there!

Do you ever wonder how you would or would not react with your defensive handgun in a real world situation?

Do you believe that by just taking the State minimum License To Carry course you are truly prepared to survive a violent criminal situation? And the legal and civil issues afterwards?

Sitting in a LTC class lecture and shooting at a state mandated paper target is great training for sitting passively in class and shooting at a paper target. Those minimal requirements for your LTC does not prepare you to think and properly function in a complex and real world situation with a gun in your hand.

At your VTA class you will train and you will fight with realistic images in realistic situations. Successfully using a handgun in the real world demands far more skill sets than just pulling the trigger.

VTA class sizes are kept small enough to train you on your personal needs and abilities.

VTA is the most Relevant and Realistic Firearms​ Training available today. Choose between 2, 4, and 8-hour course lengthsdesigned to help you successfully "program" the intense mental and physical skills required to survive the reality of a criminal contact.

Using the latest in virtual reality judgment training branching videos and science based lesson plans, Virtual Tactical Academy immerses students in "realistic" virtual scenarios.

VTA is completely safe with no live firearms allowed in this training.

VTA is appropriate for anyone at any skill level and no previous skill classes are required. Austin Davis has over 30 years of real world experience and can teach you the seven most important skills needed for defensive firearm usage.

No matter what skill set you bring through the training door, VTA will 100% guarantee you leave with far better skills to manage your own safety.