Why Don't You List A Telephone Contact Number?

With the onslaught of Robo/SPAM calls, we waste a lot of time answering the phone when we could better use our time training and caring for our students. We have found most questions can be answered with an email thereby saving us both the usual back and forth game of voicemail tag. If your email needs a telephone response, please leave a number and we will call you.

May I Tour Virtual Tactual Academy?

We are open by appointment only.

Who May Train at Virtual Tactical Academy?

We accept anyone over 21 years of age with a current and valid Concealed Carry Permit/LTC, Law Enforcement I.D., or Military I.D. Our belief is that if your State, your agency, or a branch of the Military will speak for your legal upstanding status, it’s good enough for us.

What do I need to bring to train?

Please bring your valid Concealed Carry Permit/LTC, comfortable clothes and a positive mental attitude.

What Should I Not Bring to VTA?

Live firearms, ammo, edged weapons, visitors, children or pets. We also do not allow negative attitudes or anti-social behavior. We use no projectiles other than laser light.

What if I Am Not 100% Happy with My Training Experience?

Our best salespeople are our happiest students. If for any reason we did not meet or exceed your expectations you can expect a full refund.

What is the CCAT?

CCAT is a totally unique Austin Davis patented invention for “Cover Concealment Angle Trainer” (CCAT). CCAT allows for true 3D training in a VR environment. The only way to teach skill so a student will be competent is to perform them in the environment in which they will be needed.

Shooting at paper target while standing still is a great way to train shooting paper targets while standing still. This type of training can have bad outcomes in a real world encounter as training someone to only stand still and draw versus learning skills to put something between you and a threat increases your chance of surviving a fight.

The use of cover and concealment seems to be forgotten and not common (search online videos of gunfights). With the CCAT and Laser Shot VR Judgment Training software you will train to move, take cover, and win.

How Can I Follow VTA on Facebook?

Click here to visit our Facebook page