Tactical Confidence Through Competence


Why don't you list a telephone number?

We find most questions can be answered with an email and saving us both the usual game of voicemail tag. If your email needs a telephone response, please leave a number and we will call you. We find that 99% of inquiries can be answered through email.

Can I tour Virtual Tactual Academy?

We are open by appointment only.

Who can train at Virtual Tactical Academy?

We accept anyone over 21 years of age with a current and valid Concealed Carry Permit, Law Enforcement I.D. or Military I.D. Our belief is that if your State, your agency, or a branch of the Military will speak for your legal upstanding status, it’s good enough for us.

What do I need to bring to train?

Your Concealed Carry Permit, comfortable clothes and a positive mental attitude

What should I not bring to the course?

Firearms, Ammo, Edged Weapons, visitors, or pets. We do not allow negative attitudes or anti-social behavior. We use no projectiles other than laser light.

Where is VTA located?

We are in Southwest Houston, near US 59 and Westpark Tollway. We will give you exact directions upon registration for our course. houston-vta-map-250

Are there plans to open other schools?

Yes, we would like to have several other locations open in Texas before the end of the year and by 2014 our goal is to expand across US.

What if I am not 100% happy with my training experience?

Out best salespeople are our happiest students. If for any reason we did not meet or exceed your expectations you can expect a full refund.

Can I take any class at any time?

We prefer you take our basic VTA Foundation Skill Course first so we can establish a base line of skill sets

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